Fuel Line 3/8" 229.4mm or 9 5/16" Centre

Redline Fuel Line & Fittings

Fuel Line 3/8" 229.4mm or 9 5/16" Centre

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Product code: 14-54

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Holley Fuel line with pressure gauge connection to suit dual feed carburettors.

Holley fuel line byRedline Performance,part number 14-54, is designed with a 1/8NPT port to fit a fuel pressure gauge (use Redline part number14-64). The fuel rail is chrome plated to give lasting protection and good looks.

Suits carburettors with dual metering blocks with a distance of 9 5/16 between bowls. These fuel lines use an inverted flare fitting to seal against the carburettor. Never use thread tape on the tube nuts as the seal is provided by the flare and not the thread.

The 1/8 NPT plug is lightly screwed in for shipping purposes. During installation, the plug must be removed, coated with PTFE sealant, and reinstalled if the port will not be used for a pressure gauge. Do not use thread tape.

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